TikTok Beauty: What's Trending?


 Who'd have thought TikTok would shape the ways we apply makeup in 2023?

Social media has accelerated the ways everyday makeup wearers do their makeup. Everything from contouring to applying blush can be quickly fed into our brains in speedy, informative, easy to follow videos by experts and artists in the makeup world - professionals and self-taught talent alike! 

We're fascinated by the ways the app has evolved our techniques and knowledge around products, and have no idea where we'd be today if it weren't for the TikTok beauty community.

Today we're sharing some of our favourite trends! If you have any suggestions for future looks to try, let us know by tagging us in the comments section of your favourite trends! 

 "I'm Cold" Makeup Trend


 Winter, but make it dewy and glam. We're SO here for applying blush more intensely around the nose, cheekbone and eye area for that youthful, freshly-flushed glow. We added a touch of frosty dewiness with Glow Drops in Rose Pearl, too!

Bleached Brows with Makeup

Bleached brows shook the beauty world in 2022. Skinny brows and editorial, brow-free styles were observed from runways to day-to-day, leaving the beauty world divided. For those of us who want to test the waters first with a bleached brow look with makeup, thankfully it's pretty easy to fake a brow look with a brow gel & full coverage liquid concealer

 Easy Laminated Brows

2020 saw a beauty revolution which has stayed with us into 2023 and beyond. The effects of certain beauty treatments can be duplicated with makeup, so for those of us opting for a bigger brow, lamination is the go-to for celebrating every brow hair from root to tip. Our Brow Seal can be used to lock in any style with 24-hour hold and a waterproof, flake-free finish - as shown here in this demo by Demi Colleen

"Crying Girl" Makeup Trend



Who'd have known crying would be on trend? Either way, we're very here for the glam with a touch of emotional availability. It's good for you! 

Skin Slugging with Makeup

Did you know skin slugging is a Korean skincare hack which seals moisture into the skin using patroleum jelly? With this barrier applied as the final step of your skincare, you can create a layer which stops hydration from escaping the skin barrier. Alyssa Lorraine shows how she beats winter skin with this step, mixing in a dash of Glow Drops before patting gently onto the face.
New Trend: Eyeliner On Hair?!
This was a first attempt for us, and we can't wait to give it another shot soon. Our top tip: use vibrant colours that'll show on any hair colour, such as the UV palette by Glisten: Vibrant!