Best Vegan, Water-Activated Graphic Eyeliner


Though many beauty trends come and go, we're confident graphic liners are here to stay. There are so many ways to experiment with liquid liners - ranging from more commonly used eyeliner pens, to painting eyeshadows on with setting spray. While the final result can range from classic silver screen (think Marilyn Monroe), we've seen a fresh rise in experimental liquid liner that has transcended from TV (a la Euphoria) to runways the world over. As complicated as liquid liner can seem, finessing a result you're confident with has become a more user-friendly experience than ever before.

The rise in water-activated liners has ensured makeup wearers at every skill level can master eye shapes worthy of an HBO special or fashion week moment. That's why we're delighted to include a host of water-activated liners in our Friends of Jecca Blac collection. We love water-activated liners as they don't dry out before use (as some liquid felt tip eyeliners can), making for an excellent shelf life and cost per wear. They're also long lasting and transfer-resistant, and easily can be tidied up with a wet Q tip if needed during the application process. Here are 3 statement looks we love incorporating products from our Friends of Jecca Blac collection! 

Look 1: Monochrome

Using Coke Float, you can see how easy it is to incorporate both white and black graphic liner in the same winged liner look. To lengthen and exaggerate the eye, we recommend applying more shape to the outer parts of the eye and keeping away from the middle of the lash line. We think the perfect consistency to work with is similar to that of a runny ice cream. Liner brush used here!



Look 2: Blue

As shown by the uber talented @IndiaRose_Makeup, blue liner can give a pop of colour to your overall look with editorial, extra-terrestrial levels of editorial. Be sure to follow India on socials for more liner inspo - she truly is a master of liquid liners and we're loving this look which she used Slushie for!

Look 3: Vibrant UV

Sometimes it can be hard to know which colour to go for in a Palette. So, why not use all of them? Chim does an incredible job of showing us the super versatile Vibrant Palette can be used to create a statement UV liner look.

Our top tips for eyeliner:

❤️ Give yourself a little less time than you think you need - it's always easy to overthink it otherwise.

❤️ Instead of looking down into a mirror, look straight ahead. This will help makeup wearers with hooded eyes in particular, as if you look down into a mirror when applying your eyeliner you can end up with more product on your eyelid which won't be visible once your eye is open.

❤️ Have confidence you'll get to where you want to be with time, and practice at any given opportunity!

❤️ Great results are on the other side of your comfort zone, so get your moodboards ready, pick up your brush, and go for it!