How to Create The Perfect Base

With the launch of Jecca Blac’s new product, Glow Drops, you can now create the perfect base in just 3 easy steps! The Glow Drops are currently available in rose gold, but stay tuned for more shades to come!

After your usual skincare routine, let’s see how to create the perfect base:

Prime Your Face (And Make It Glow!)

Jecca Blac’s Glow Drops are the first step to achieve the perfect base. Apply a little bit of the product using your fingertips evenly on your face. Blend well into your skin before going to the next step. 



Correct & Conceal

After the Glow Drops, it’s time to turn your attention to any blemishes or shadows you want to cover. Using Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal, use the Colour Corrector shade to contrast any area of your face with a blue undertone (under-eye darkness, beard shadow). You can do this using your hands or a soft makeup brush.

Follow the Colour Corrector with the Concealer. Again, you can either use your hands or the same brush. Apply a little bit of product at a time on any area where you previously applied the Colour Corrector or where you have any blemishes. Blend well until the areas are even with the rest of your skin.

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 Tutorial On How To Apply

Sculpt & Soften

Finally, it’s time to use Jecca Blac’s Sculpt & Soften! Contouring can be scary at first, but it’s really quite simple once you know on what areas you should apply the product. Stand under direct sunlight to take notice of your natural shadows.

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Apply the darker shade first with a small, fluffy brush. You can choose to deepen your natural shadows or change them slightly to make your facial lines harsher. You want to apply the darker shade to define your cheekbones, your temples, your chin and your jawline.

Using another fluffy brush, apply the lighter shade on your forehead, on the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrow arch. This shade can also be used to soften any harsh line left behind by the darker shade.

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