Why International Women's Day 2021 Needs To Include Trans Women!

The 8th March 2021 is International Women's Day. 
At Jecca Blac, we champion ALL genders, identities and expressions - and it is because of this that we feel it is essential to include ALL women and femmes in this year's International Women's Day - and every IWD that follows!
Now more than ever, trans women need feminism to be intersectional. 
350 trans people were killed in 2020 - 98% of these were trans women. Online, a community of 'gender critical' feminists have campaigned for a backtrack in trans rights. At Jecca Blac, we understand that trans women are not the problem - sexism is.
We are stronger when we come together. Let's incite change and celebrate ALL women - feminism should never be at the detriment to the legal protection and human rights of a human being. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, protected and uplifted - not just on IWD, but everyday.
Feminism is about bringing gender equality - and it's because of this that we encourage everyone to speak up this International Women's Day in solidarity with those who are often left out and overlooked in conversations surrounding gender equality and the progression of women's rights. 
If you aren't sure how you can support trans women from marginalised groups, check out the following charities who do amazing work for uplifting and providing safety to trans women and femmes: