Trans Day Of Visibility 2022!

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! 

The 31st March is Trans Day of Visibility. Without the trans community, things would look very different for Jecca Blac. Why? Because Jecca Blac began not as the gender-free makeup retailer you know today, but as a safe-space educational makeup studio for transfeminine makeup wearers.

Our Founder, Jessica Blackler, began Jecca Blac as a welcoming, judgement-free space where she gave one-to-one makeup lessons to clients at the very start of their journey with self expression. Having worked as a Makeup Artist in film and television, Jessica decided to see if her expertise in transforming an individual's features could empower makeup wearers looking to experiment with makeup for the first time. 

She quickly grew a client base of predominantly trans women, many of whom had requests for learning techniques on beard shadow coverage and contouring. In these lessons, Jessica realised the oversight of the beauty world in not considering the needs of transfeminine makeup wearers - and so she decided to launch the Correct & Conceal Palette.

This award-winning Palette was the start of our journey as a makeup retailer. It can be used by ANY makeup wearer to achieve base coverage, but was specifically developed by our Founder to also provide simple and effective coverage to beard shadow. Our collection has continued to grow and evolve, and with every launch, event and creative venture at Jecca Blac, we're further on our mission: to empower and celebrate every makeup wearer.

Our LGBTQ+ inclusive team is constantly striving to find new ways to celebrate our community. In February of 2020 we launched the UK's first ever Trans Festival - a new, annual event uniting the trans community and allies in a celebratory, safe-space setting. Our Founder has also provided voluntary support to trans prisoners, and we regularly fundraise for LGBTQ+ charities. In fact, at checkout you can choose to donate £1 on our ROW site, or $1 on our US site, to one of our chosen charities:

When shopping on our Rest of World site, donate £1 to at checkout to:

  • Mermaids - supporting trans youth & their families
  • Switchboard - a hotline providing support via the phone to LGBTQ+ youth
  • AKT Charity - providing support & housing to LGBTQ+ youth facing homelessness/challenging living situations

When shopping on our US site, donate $1 at checkout to:

Thank you to the incredible Trans+ community for continuing to inspire and celebrate us. Watch our IGTV video amplifying the voices of Alexis, Jadeya, Cyro and Freddie here: