Hey everyone!

As a gender-free brand, we feel passionate about amplifying the voices of those who exist, identify and celebrate themselves beyond the gender binary. We want to share the message that gender is a social construct - and the binary only exists as much as you believe it does. When you think about it, that's pretty liberating! None of us need to be restricted to any societal expectations placed on us, based on assumptions on our gender tied to our biological sex at birth.

Introducing: THE ENBY DIARIES.

Our plan with this series is to celebrate non-binary makeup wearers and hear them share their experiences of gender euphoria, as well as touch on the challenges they face because of their identities. We hope you love this series - we're incredibly proud to launch it! 

Introducing: EPISODE 1 | IRO


Iro Costello (pronouns: they/them) is a dancer & model based in London. Watch them put together this statement red eye look with a subtle base and nude lip while they share their experiences as a non-binary person. 





Sigi Moonlight (pronouns: he/she/they depending on context) is a drag performer and actor based in London. Their experience as a drag king has helped them explore the gender binary both on and off stage. With the major lack in drag king representation, we obviously LOVE to see it.

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We have plenty more content on the way and are super excited to see where this series leads! 

Would you like to feature in our series? Email a selfie and some info about yourself to support@jeccablac.com