Meet Our New Ambassador, Sharmila!


Today we're introducing you to another of our wonderful Brand Ambassadors who we feel embodies our message as a brand and as a community - that makeup has no gender and should be open to anybody who wants to express themselves through beauty products!

Meet Sharmila, our newest Brand Ambassador and transgender makeup artist. 

In our two new videos featuring Sharmila, you'll get to know a little more about her journey with makeup and why feeling empowered by us as a genderless brand matters to her. 


Watch as Sharmila shows us how she likes to make the most of our:

Blur & Matte Primer

Award winning Correct & Conceal Palette (Sharmila wears shade Medium 4.0)

Sculpt & Soften Palette (Medium) 

And Play Pot in shade Red Touch

Welcome to the team, Sharmila! We're thrilled to have you.

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