Makeup To Get Rid Of Dark Under Eye Circles

Work, life, relationships, everything. It can get you tired and stressed (we don’t blame you!). Almost everyone will have some form of dark under-eye circle under their eyes but these are typically worsened by fatigue and stress.

While a good amount of sleep, relaxation and using eye creams to target these areas can help over time to reduce your under-eye circles, sometimes you'll just want these covered immediately.

If your dark under-eye circles are reasonably moderate, or if you're just seeking quick, light coverage, our brand new Liquid Corrector might be perfect for you! This is designed to be a weightless, easy-to-use product which brightens the under-eye area and combats the undertones of the skin caused by darkness. 



For light to medium coverage...

  • Apply our Blur & Matte primer under the eye and over the face to smooth out any fine lines or pores you may have and create the perfect foundation. You can use your fingers or a brush for this. 
  • Dot three or four droplets of the Liquid Corrector under your eyes, across the eye bag area. Then with your index finger, or a small concealer brush, pat these into the skin. The peach tone of the Corrector is designed to counteract and neutralise any blue or purple undertones to the skin, as well as brighten the area. 
  • After blending in the Liquid Corrector, you may want to set the Liquid Corrector with a translucent powder. This is perfect for if you have oilier skin, are prone to creasing or if you prefer a matte finish.

Our Liquid Corrector is also designed to be the perfect size to travel with and re-apply throughout the day.  

If your under-eye circles are more severe, or if you just prefer to have a fuller coverage, then you may find that our Correct & Conceal Palette better suits your needs. Our Liquid Corrector was actually inspired by the success of this palette, as it's our bestseller. The Correct & Conceal palette is a 2-step process with a thicker, creamier consistency, providing a fuller coverage and semi-matte finish. 



For medium to full coverage...

  • Apply our Blur & Matte Primer under the eye and over the face to smooth out any fine lines or pores you may have and provide the perfect base. You can use your fingers or a brush for this. 
  • Using a small fluffy brush, apply the Corrector (from the Correct & Conceal Palette) over any under-eye area which has more of a blue or purple shade to the skin. Like our Liquid Corrector, the peach undertone will help to neutralise the blue or purple undertones of the skin. 
  • With a small, flat brush, pat the Concealer (from the Correct & Conceal Palette) over the area you applied the Corrector, as well as slightly further around the area, in order to blend this in seamlessly with the skin. 

We recommend that you then set this with either a translucent powder if you have light to medium skin, or a semi-translucent yellow toned powder if you have darker skin. This will also help to prevent any creasing throughout the day.

While it's understandable to feel insecure about your under-eye circles, it's important to remember that they're completely normal and other people probably notice them a lot less than you do. Makeup should always be first and foremost a tool to boost your own confidence and make you feel more authentically you. 

How To Get Rid Of Dark Under Eyes Fast

Dark under-eye circles can be really frustrating, but they're a lot more common than you probably realise! While there are lots of great products out there that can help to combat these in the long run and simple lifestyle changes that can also make a huge difference, sometimes you might just want to cover them FAST. 

This where our Liquid Corrector comes in. Our Liquid Corrector is a lightweight, velvety, peach-toned product designed to counteract any blue or purple undertones you may have in the circles under your eyes and to brighten this area to make you look fresh, flawless and alert.