Boy To Girl Transformation Makeup


We're delighted to share this video with you incorporating some of our most popular products for male to female makeup transformations. 

Here are some steps we recommend following for the absolute best results!

Step 1: Moisturise and prime the skin! We have a selection of Primers which cater to all desired skin finishes. Our Primers are ideal for maintaining moisture in the skin and providing the perfect base for skin prep and beard shadow coverage.

Hydrate Primer - packed with fatty acids and ceramides, this Primer was created to maintain and replenish moisture levels in the skin while providing a silky smooth base for your makeup.

Blur & Matte Primer - feel free to use after our Hydrate Primer, or apply following your usual morning skincare if you already have a favourite day to day moisturiser. Blur & Matte is perfect for male to female makeup transformations as it blurs the skin's texture, including pores, fine lines and - most importantly - beard shadow. This makes it ideal for long wearing, full coverage looks.

Once your skin is prepped and primed, you can follow with your base!

Step 2: Conceal beard shadow

Our Correct & Conceal Palette was created as a simple & effective two step concealer solution for beard shadow. It can be applied to brighten and colour correct areas such as the under eyes and any beard shadow. The 'Colour Corrector' part of the Palette has a peachy tone, which neutralises and brightens any areas of darkness which have a darker/blue undertone in the skin.

Following this, you can follow the 'Colour Corrector' with the 'Concealer' part of our Correct & Conceal Palette. It was designed to be layered over the top of the 'Colour Corrector' and as it has a cream based consistency is super blendable, with a natural, skin like finish. This can also be applied over any areas of redness as a result of acne or scarring. 

Step 3: Set with powder

As shown in the video below, beard shadow coverage needs to be set with a transluscent setting powder. This will stop your concealer moving throughout the day, and will provide a better base for any products which follow!

Step 4: Bronze/contour/add colour!

Now that your base is complete, you can get creative with any next steps! If you'd like to get into contouring to soften features, we've made this easy with our Sculpt & Soften Palette which contains a 34 page guide to help you tailor your contouring routine to your own features and desired result. Feel free to skip contouring in exchange for subtly bronzing the skin, which can be achieved with the 'Sculpt' shade alone from our Sculpt & Soften Palette. 

Adding a pop of colour when completing your look is made simple with our Play Pots. Cream based pigments for the eyes, cheeks and lips, apply with a brush or your fingertips for cream eyeshadow, blush or lip tint to warm up the face! Choose a colour that you feel expresses your personality - for day to day wear, two of our favourites are shades Red Touch and Pink Pearl

We hope you enjoy the tutorial and review below! For free makeup advice tailored to your unique features and desired results, click here to submit a selfie or photo and we'll get back to you!