The 24th-30th October 2021 is ACE Awareness Week!

What does it mean to be ACE?

Sexualities that come under the ACE umbrella include asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and graysexual - although there are many more ways to experience sexuality on the ACE spectrum beyond these four examples.


Asexuality means that you don't feel physical attraction (or crave physical intimacy) with a partner. To be aromantic means you don't crave romantic attraction to a partner. It is possible to be aromantic without being asexual, and vice versa.

Some people, such as Yasmin Benoit as seen in our ACE Awareness Week video, identify as aromantic and asexual - meaning they don't crave physical or romantic intimacy. Others, such as Mikhail (also seen in our ACE Week video), identify as demisexual - which means physical intimacy is a far less important part of relationships than might be experienced by people not on the ACE spectrum.

This week is a chance to dismantle any ideas you may have around ACE people! Find out more by watching our ACE Week video. 

To the wonderful ACE community, you are valid and deserve to be celebrated - not just this week, but every week!