Our Best Primer For Concealing Acne



As with all our products, our Blur & Matte Primer is vegan and cruelty free and was created with ALL makeup wearers in mind. While this Primer can be used on all skin tones and any skin type, we specifically created this Primer for makeup wearers with oily skin types and uneven skin texture - as these factors can drastically affect the coverage, staying power and application of base makeup products. 

Blur & Matte can be applied using fingertips to blur and mattify the surface of the skin while priming the face for base makeup - this means the appearance of blemishes, scarring, fine lines and beard shadow is immediately reduced and you’ll be able to achieve a seamless, long lasting application for any foundation, concealer or base products.

Blur & Matte also reduces the skin’s oil production throughout the day, which means less shine and helps stop your coverage from moving throughout the day from where it was first applied.


We believe Blur & Matte is the ideal Primer for makeup wearers looking to conceal acne as it is our best Primer for those who favour a full coverage base (it’s even been drag queen approved!) - and while acne is by no means something to be ashamed of, we know the confidence many makeup wearers find from finding a base that simplifies the process of concealing spots and scarring.