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Drag makeup? We LOVE To see it. As a gender free makeup brand, we've got a long standing relationship with the drag community and we love to see looks created using products from our vegan, cruelty free collection of products.

Today we're coming to you with some of our absolute drag favourites, with looks created by talent including Bimini Bon Boulash of this year's Rupaul's Drag Race UK Season 2! 


Whether you're performing for an evening, a day event, or spending the night death dropping in your bedroom for a drag livestream, your base makeup needs to be seamless, long wearing and locked in.

Our Blur & Matte Primer is a favourite among drag queens as it blurs the skin's texture - including fine lines, pores and beard shadow. It also reduces oil production in the skin, meaning your makeup is less likely to move around and has better staying power with a smooth, mattified finish. Once you've completed your chosen prep for your eyebrows (in any way you prefer - whether it's through blocking, shaving or shaping them) you can apply Blur & Matte all over your face using your fingertips, as demonstrated in this little video below!

Here's a super quick drag transformation incorporating our Blur & Matte Primer below which we feel you'll love, as demonstrated by the fabulous Ophelia Love.


Concealing beard shadow doesn't have to be complicated, or time consuming. It's as simple as brightening and cancelling out any dark blue undertones in the skin found in beard shadow, by using an opposite colour to brighten those undertones so they can't be seen in your base.

Our Correct & Conceal Palette won 'Best Concealer Of 2020' at the Beauty Bible Awards last year, and it was developed with makeup wearers in mind who seek simple and effective beard shadow coverage. With its creamy consistency, it is super buildable and easy to blend and leaves a natural, skin like texture to your look. Once you've primed your skin, start by applying the 'Colour Correct' shade to any areas of darkness including beard shadow and under eyes, and then follow with the 'Concealer' part as an all over base. Set with a transluscent setting powder, and go back in with a little more 'Colour Correct' if needed!

Pictured: Bimini Bon Boulash in Correct & Conceal Palette Medium 2.0, as shown in our exclusive livestream with Bimini where they gave us a drag makeup masterclass using products from our collection!



Although influencers may have brought contouring into the mainstream and encouraged contouring as an accessible means of transforming your face (or body's!) features, let's remember where it truly came into its own, long before social media: the drag world.

With contouring comes an entire realm of creativity for transforming an individual's features. Perfecting a regime that's tailored to your features specifically can take time, but we've made it easy with our Sculpt & Soften Palette - a cream based contour palette with a product for highlighting, and one for contouring. It also comes with a 34 page 'How To' guide which shows the many ways to contour, soften, and exaggerate your features - diagrams and step by step run throughs included!


Once you've primed, concealed, contoured and completed your base, you can add some COLOUR. Whether your style is more campy, club kid, pageant or comedy, colour it an incredible way to unleash your creativity and tap into your inner drag self. 

For the lips, we recommend our Long Lasting Lipsticks - they have a smooth matte formula that'll last your entire drag set and are available in 4 unapologetic colours! For the eyes and cheeks, our Play Pots are cream based pigments which are totally versatile and can be applied anywhere on the face and body for a seamless pop of colour.

You can apply shade Gold Touch as a highlight or eyeshadow - or perhaps shade Champagne of our Glow Drops Primers which we think looks INCREDIBLE on the body (you can also apply this before your base makeup for a sparkly base that'll catch the light, even when you're wearing a full coverage look!)


The finishing touches in your look are entirely up to you - do you love a glam, fluttery lash? A dramatic eyeliner with a wing? Brows that point up, or down in keeping with your performance? You can claim full autonomy over your look and expression, tailoring these to your drag performance and presence you want to bring to your performance or moment. 

Be bold, practice as much as you need to to feel you're putting your best face forward, and own your space with full confidence that you're going to SLAY.