How To Use A Contour Palette

In the past few years, videos of contouring techniques have flooded our social media. From the Kardashians to makeup artists all around the world, everyone had a saying on how to do contouring. Jecca Blac wanted to bring it back to basics creating the Sculpt & Soften palette, featuring a 34-page how-to guide. So, how to put a contour palette on?

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How to Put Contour Palette on, With Makeup Brushes

 You will need two sets of different makeup brushes: a small angled brush and a larger fluffy one. You will use both brushes to apply the darker shade first, marking the areas on your face where shadows naturally appear. The smaller one is for your cheekbones and the sides of your nose. Use the larger brush to define your jawline and your temples. Blend the product well into your skin before deciding if you need more.

You can either quickly clean your brushes on a paper towel or use fresh ones for the lighter shade. You can use the small angled brush to apply the product under the arch of your eyebrows, on your nose bridge and to define your lips. Use the larger brush to clean out any harsh line created by the contouring.

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How to Put Contour Palette on, With a Makeup Sponge

Similar to contouring with makeup brushes, the different sides of a makeup sponge will help you apply the product on different parts of your face.

Taking some of the darker shade first, use the flat end of the sponge to apply the product on larger areas (cheekbones, jawline, temples) and the tip of the sponge for the smaller ones (nose).

Clean the sponge off any excess product on a paper towel. Now, using the tip of the sponge, apply the lighter shade around the lips, the nose and to define your eyebrows. You can use the round part to clean out any harsh line left.

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