Covering Stubbly Beard Shadow Without Looking Cakey

Struggling to cover a stubbly beard shadow? If you’re often left with your skin looking cakey, you may notice how your beard shadow looks even more obvious. Jecca Blac is here to share you all the makeup secrets and leave you with your skin looking flawless! These simple, foolproof steps are easy to follow, even if you've just started using makeup.

Use a Primer Before Makeup
Start by using a makeup primer all over your face. You want to find a primer able to blur the stubbly texture of the skin out — something like Jecca Blac’s Blur & Matte Primer, which is ideal to minimise pores and create a smooth base. A primer can have different finishes depending on the skin type it is designed for. When purchasing a primer, it’s very important to make sure it’s the right one for your skin. Check the product’s ingredients and formulation: all primers will tell you how they’re meant to help your skin.


For example, if you have dry skin you should use a hydrating and creamy product. Instead, if your skin is too oily, especially during summer, try a mattifying primer with a water-based formula.

@agirlcalled_kat wears our Correct & Conceal Palette in shade Medium 3.0

Colour Correcting
After applying the primer, it’s time to colour correct the blue tinge left behind after shaving. Use an orangey/peachy toned concealer to do this. Jecca Blac has created the Correct & Conceal Palette to make covering beard shadow as easy as possible. We recommend a cream product instead of a powder, as it will be easier to build up and will leave your skin looking smoother.
To cover the beard shadow, you can apply the colour corrector with your fingers or a flat makeup brush. Start with a little amount of product and apply it to the whole area. Blend it well. If you’re still left with a blue tinge, apply more colour corrector. It’s okay if your skin doesn’t match the rest of your face — you will be applying concealer or foundation over it to even it all out.
If your makeup tends to look cakey, avoid using powders. Instead, a cream concealer or foundation will help you create a smoother look.


Setting Your Makeup
After applying the colour corrector and evening out the skin with a concealer or foundation, it’s time to set the makeup. Setting your makeup is an important step in your routine, as it fixes the products and makes them last longer.
To achieve the best results, we recommend a translucent powder: it’s light on the skin, easyto work with and it will save you time looking for the right shade. However, if you do have darker skin, go for a yellow-toned powder.
If you avoided using powders until now, a translucent setting powder won’t make you look cakey. Because of its light formula, it will leave you with a smooth, velvety finish, rather than a heavy extra layer of product. Simply use a big, fluffy makeup brush to apply the product all over your face.
If you’re still worried about using powder, however, you can opt for a setting spray instead. 

Especially good for drier skin types, a setting spray is quick and easy to use. Simply spray it all over your face and let it dry before moving around.
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