Simple Makeup Routine for Non-Binary People

Our society has taught us that makeup is for girls - a tool to make you look more feminine and therefore aimed at women. Of course, this is an outdated concept and at Jecca Blac, we believe anyone should wear makeup without fear of looking ‘too feminine’. That’s why we created a simple makeup routine for men and non-binary people. If you’re someone who would love to wear makeup, but doesn’t want to feminise their face, this is the one for you!



We will never stop recommending a good skincare routine. Many ignore the difference skincare can make to a makeup look. When people complain about their skin looking too dry or too oily or their makeup moving around during the day, we always suggest improving their skincare routine.

A skincare routine can be as long or as quick as you’d like. You can make it as easy as using a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser; or you can go full out with serums and facial soaps. Only you know what works best for you and it will take a lot of trial and error to find the perfect product combination.

The last step of your skincare, however, should always be a makeup Primer. There are many makeup primers out there, all designed to give your makeup a different look and finish.

Jecca Blac has recently launched 3 different Primers: Glow Drops for a dewy effect on your skin, Hydrate to moisturise, and Blur & Matte for acne-prone skin.




Grooming your eyebrows is important to give you a tidier look. Whether you have full, luscious eyebrows or have plucked way too many hairs during the naughties, your eyebrows are arguably your strongest face features.
You can decide to use an eyebrow brush or an eyebrow gel. The first will tidy the eyebrows, but might require to go over them again during the day. Instead, an eyebrow gel will keep your eyebrows in place throughout the whole day. You can also choose to use a tinted gel, which will fill in the eyebrows in addition to groom them.

Mascara doesn’t have to be a big statement — it can be subtle and unnoticeable while still making your eyes look more awake and your lashes fuller. Jecca Blac’s founder - Jessica Blackler - has worked with older trans women for years, and has always recommended using a subtle mascara if you don’t want anyone to notice you’re wearing one.

Many of Jecca Blac’s clients have praised lower lash mascaras to be the best for this purpose. They usually feature a thinner brush designed to apply only a little product at a time. Because of this, you will able to feel like you’re wearing makeup without it being too obvious.

For more makeup tips and tutorials on how to use our products, visit Jecca Blac and Jecca Blac’s Blog!